How do I know when it’s time to charge my Cloud Cleansing Brush?

The Cloud Cleansing Brush will pulse 5 times during use to indicate that it is on low battery and needs to be recharged. Pat your Cloud Cleansing Brush dry then plug in your usb charging cord, once plugged both lights will illuminate. Once the battery is fully recharged both lights will turn off automatically. 

What does each button mean?

M button pressed once: auto-foaming mode. Before using this function add one pump of your cleansing gel or cream with a good drop of water for cloud like foam to be produced. 

M button pressed twice: auto-foaming + vibration mode. This will keep the foam coming while your cleaning brush vibrates.

To either have only the foaming function on or the vibration mode , press the m button once alternatively to suit your skin needs. 

L button: choose between 5 modes for your vibration intensity. 

My Cloud Cleaning Brush turns off automatically, why is this happening?

The Cloud Cleansing Brush automatically switches off after 3 minutes of continuous use to save battery. 

Can I use my oil cleanser with this?

Of course! Instead of inserting a pump of your regular cleansing gel or cream, place one pump over the medical grade silicone bristles then turn on the vibration function to get the most out of your oil.